Selling or not, perhaps it’s time to tidy up!

As simple as this subject seems, it can surely spark some conversation as we honestly look at ourselves. I guess the question is, why we keep stuff? I find it’s just deep down personal. I don’t think of myself as a “collector” or even “hoarder” for that matter, but I sure like that mixed bunch of meaningful mugs that don’t match that people near and dear have given me over the years. A good friend once told me that I am the queen of “organized clutter, that I just have a way of making lots of stuff look good together”. I’m not quite sure if that was a compliment!

I coach many sellers getting ready to move well in advance of listing their homes. It can be emotionally and physically exhausting getting the home itself ready for sale before you even begin to deal with belongings. By doing this early, the bigger decisions that go with this process come easier. I also find that with the newly retired and those downsizing that they get to be thoughtful about where things go versus being in a rush at the end and just calling the dump truck to haul things away. This process also prepares people for the unexpected emergency moves. I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s book and her show on Netflix. If you get started now, there’s no need to do it all at once, though do give yourself an end date, as it’s just not something you want to be talking about for 10 years. Spring is around the corner and this could be YOUR season! Enjoy! The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

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Did You Say Housing Bubble?

Matthew Gardner our Chief Economist at Windermere answers the question I seem to respond to frequently, “are we headed for a housing bubble again?”. What does this mean for a home buyer? What does this mean for a home seller? The BIG question is WHEN? I thought this  2018 video was worth a post and a listen!

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Announcing Pantone’s color of the year – near and dear to my heart!

What’s not to love about coral? Perhaps you don’t have an opinion. Either way you’ll begin to see it in many places if you haven’t already noticed. Maybe it will appear in the clothing you buy, the car you drive or perhaps just a throw pillow you have to have! For real estate professionals, designers, home stagers and marketers like myself, we take these queues seriously as they make our projects current and current is directly related to sales for our clients! Check this out for a “happy read!  PANTONE LIVING CORAL.


Article and Photo Courtesy Adweek® 12.6.2018 – By Diana Pearl

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